Eye for an Eye

Kerry Wilkinson

In bestselling author Kerry Wilkinson’s latest heart-pounding crime thriller, Detective Jessica Daniel must solve a chilling case with an impossible link to a serial killer from the past…

Years ago, Damian Walker murdered four innocent women – marking their bodies with his signature calling card – before he was brought to justice. Now, the body of a teenage girl has been found mutilated in a country park, bearing all the hallmarks of Walker’s crimes.

Detective Jessica Daniel is heading up the investigation – but she’s also involved in the top-secret operation to protect the identity of Walker, recently released on probation from prison. Has Walker struck again? Or is there a copycat serial killer at work?

To find the shocking answers, Jessica must first confront the darkest recesses of a twisted mind: but she’s battling with her own demons, too. As she comes to terms with a terrible loss, she starts to suspect the police themselves were involved in the death of someone close to her…

Unsure of who she can trust, can Jessica untangle the lies of the past and catch the real culprit before more innocent women die?

This completely gripping crime thriller will have you racing through the pages, guaranteed to keep you up all night until the nail-biting final twist. Kerry Wilkinson’s addictive Detective Jessica Daniel crime series is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Robert Bryndza.

Read what everyone is saying about the Detective Jessica Daniel series:

This book had me gripped from the very beginning and I read it in almost one sitting. Kerry Wilkinson at his very best.Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Absolutely loved this book! Given the ending, I can’t wait for the next instalment.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Another fantastic instalment in this series and what a cliff hanger to leave it on, seriously why do that to us fans… I need to know NOW!!! How long are you going to make us wait with baited breath!!!Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Tense and gripping reads… this one took me about a day to finish… a winner of a book.In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Highly recommended, entertaining from beginning to end… I ended up not sleeping until I finished it.Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars

Excellent… I don’t know how the author keeps writing such fabulous books. I want the next book NOW please!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Oh WOW! The books get better and better.Escape With A Book 5 stars

‘Another brilliant, pacey novel. A good read from start to finish. Keeps you engaged and entertained.’ Frost Magazine

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