The Missing Dead

Kerry Wilkinson

Think you can trust those closest to you? Think again.

When a couple arrive home to find their teenage babysitter, Oliver, has disappeared, they are angry their young daughter has been left alone. Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is sent to investigate and it quickly becomes clear that something truly sinister has happened.

Oliver didn’t leave. He was taken.

In a sickening twist, a journalist discovers that an obituary was placed for the victim just days before he went missing. And it’s only a matter of time before the body is discovered.

As Jessica and her team work to solve the crime, a woman is killed. Her brutal murder is identical to the dead teenager’s. Jessica knows there must be a link but someone isn’t telling the truth. Can she work out who . . . before someone else dies?

The Missing Dead is an addictive twisty thriller that will have you hooked from start to finish. A must read for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza and Rachel Abbott.

Note: previously published as ‘Thicker than Water.’

Read what everyone is saying about The Missing Dead:

‘Tense and gripping reads…this one took me about a day to finish… a winner of a book.In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

A thumping good read…it is especially satisfying to see a female detective triumph. In addition, she is a ballsy, well rounded character that you end up rooting for as she puts herself in danger in order to close the case. The clever and unexpected plot twist at the end is one which, in true British Sherlock Holmes style, could have been deduced by the reader using the clues provided by the author. This is the epitome of a great holiday read. You can relax in the skilful hands of a writer who brings you with him every step of the story.’ Promoting Crime Fiction

‘Another brilliant, pacey novel. A good read from start to finish. Keeps you engaged and entertained.Frost Magazine

‘This is a very well written story.  You are led into believing you know who the killer is and then comes along another twist – very cleverly put together. I liked the character of Jessica Daniel and it definitely makes me want to read another book with her featuring in it.  Kerry Wilkinson puts together an intriguing yet humorous in parts story and is a very talented writer.  Bring on the next book!’ Mojo Mums

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