The Mother-in-Law

Karen King

Today is my wedding day. And I don’t know if I’ll make it out alive…

As I put my beautiful white wedding dress on, I try to ignore my fears. I look in the mirror and feel more beautiful than I ever have before. I know marrying Sam is the right choice. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I reach for my bright yellow roses, and I force myself to be as cheerful and sunny as those flowers. I won’t dwell on everything that’s happened recently – ever since we agreed to stay with his parents for the weeks ahead of the wedding.

Glancing down at my sparkling engagement ring, I pretend to myself I can forget about the ‘accidents’ I keep having, that I can’t believe are coincidental. Or about his mother’s barbed comments, and the dark looks she gives me.

And, just for today, while I walk down the aisle towards the man of my dreams, while I say ‘I do’, I’ll try to put the secret I know about the family I am marrying into right out of my mind.

Even though that’s one secret that – if I was my soon-to-be mother-in-law – I might just kill to keep…

An absolutely thrilling and gripping psychological suspense novel, perfect for fans of Shalini Boland, Shari Lapena, and The Woman in the Window.

Readers are loving The Mother-in-Law:

HOLY SMOKES! What the heck did I just read? This book is every level of crazyin all the right waysWhat I loved about this book? EverythingFantastic.’ @Karentalksbooks, 5 stars

Wow this book had me short of breath and my pulse palpitating… One of those books I cannot recommend highly enough. It’s gripping and emotional and leaves you wanting more… Fantastic.’ @rubie_reads

Oh, the tension! I was practically clenching my jaws and holding my breath from start to finish… Captured me, utterly and completely, from the first page to the last. I hungrily read the novel in one sitting, ignoring everyone and everything else!’ NetGalley reviewer

‘Even though I had 101 other jobs I should have completed… they got pushed back until tomorrow so I could devour this book.’ Goodreads reviewer

Will have you reading until the early hours of the morning (trust me, I’m speaking from experience)… Without a shadow of doubt, this is one of the best storylines I’ve read in a very long time… Phenomenal.’ @onmybookshelf, 5 stars

AddictiveKept me hooked from the very first page. I read and finished it in 24 hours as shocking bombshells kept being dropped… I couldn’t put the book down.’ @fireheartscourt

Kept me racing through the pages… every time I thought I’d figured the plot out along came another shocking twist! I had no idea who to trust right until the end, and that was some ending! Brilliant, highly recommended.’ @jtayauthor, 5 stars

‘This was unreal with all the twists, turns & don’t get me started on the cray-cray… An absolute mind-bender that leaves you with whiplash… I loved it! A sensational salacious dark game that I sank my teeth into like a gooey cinnamon bun!’ @caffeinereadrepeat

A “tear through the pages, don’t interrupt me” kind of read, and I simply devoured it… It has been far too long since I have enjoyed a read so much.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Such a page turner. I was completely hooked from the very first moment… Many twists and turns, many “uh no, no she didn’t” moments, lots of shout-out-loud moments… Absolutely gripping.’ NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

Wow!Chilling twists!Kept me glued to my kindle!’ NetGalley reviewer

Oh my goodnessMy heart was in my mouthAbsolutely gripping… Heart-pounding!’ Carla Kovach, 5 stars

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