Entertaining Fiction

We’re looking for gripping, commercial storytelling – books that keep us up all night, which effortlessly transport us to another world, with characters we’ll root for all the way.

A Distinctive Voice

What makes your style of storytelling unique? What will readers remember about your writing? We’re looking for fresh, distinctive voices that stand out from the crowd.

A Reader Promise

Why do you keep reading your favourite authors? We call it a reader promise. One of the most important questions we’ll ask is what will make your readers come back for the next book?

Our Commitment

We aim to publish stories and authors that reflect the world we live in, and to break down barriers between publishers, writers and readers. We welcome submissions from everyone – agented or otherwise – regardless of age, faith, disability, race, gender, sexuality or socio-economic background.

Genres we’re particularly interested in

Crime & Thriller
Psychological Thriller
Domestic Suspense
Police Procedural
Women’s Fiction
Contemporary Romance
Romantic Comedy
Reading Group
Cozy Crime
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction & Fantasy
But if you think you’ve written the next bestseller that isn’t in one of the categories above, we’d love to hear from you.

Bookouture Submission Process

Submission Guidelines

Read through our submission guidelines to make sure that your manuscript is a good fit with Bookouture.

Complete Form

Fill in our simple submission form – remember to attach your manuscript!


Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


We do our very best to respond to every submission within 1 month.


We’ll let you know whether or not we’d like to publish your book – good luck!

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