We’re Looking for Diverse Voices!

We’re so thrilled to be launching Diverse Voices Pitch Bookouture: a one-day Twitter event where writers of commercial fiction from underrepresented backgrounds can pitch their novels directly to the editorial team.

We’ll DM you if we love the sound of your pitch and want to find out more. The top five very best commercial pitches will be awarded a thirty-minute phone consultation with one of our editorial team.

Diverse voices

This event is open to writers of colour, LGBTQ+ writers, writers with disabilities, and neurodiverse writers. It’s important to us that our publishing reflects the diversity of the world we live in, and we’re running this event to try to better reach underrepresented writers.

How does it all work?

From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. GMT on Thursday 5 January 2023, tweet the hook of your novel within 280 characters using the #DVPitchBookouture hashtag.

You can also use optional hashtags to indicate the genre of your novel – please see the list of hashtags below.

If we’re interested in what we see, one of our team will DM you, so make sure your DMs are open. At this point, you may be asked to forward your manuscript or first three chapters to us. After reading your work, if we do not wish to progress further, we will offer short editorial feedback.

We accept both unagented and agented submissions and are open to commercial fiction of any genre.

This isn’t about how many likes your tweet gets. We will read and consider every single tweet with the hashtag #DVPitchBookouture, we’ll like it to show we’ve seen it, and we will DM you if we’re interested.

The prize

Our top five favourite pitches of the day will each be awarded a thirty-minute phone consultation or online chat (depending on what suits them best) with one of our editorial team. We’ll contact the five winners by DM within a week of the event.

Please read the full terms and conditions for more information.


Do I have to have completed my full manuscript to enter?

No! But if we contact you, please make sure you have at least the first three chapters and a synopsis ready to share with us. And if you do have a full manuscript ready, it’s always welcome.

Can I pitch more than once?


If I don’t live in the UK, can I still take part?

Absolutely. We accept submissions from around the world. Please read our terms and conditions for more information about where we accept submissions from.

If my book was previously self-published, can I pitch it?


What if I can’t be on Twitter on 5 January?

We suggest that you schedule your tweet in advance. And remember, we are always open to submissions via our website: www.bookouture.com/submit-your-manuscript.

You requested to read my work. When will I hear back from you?

We will reply to all submissions we request within four weeks.

I’m not an author of colour, or LGBTQ+, and I don’t have a disability or a neurodiversity. Can I still pitch on 5 January?

This pitch event is specifically for authors from backgrounds that are underrepresented in publishing. So please respect the spirit of the event: if you don’t fit any of the characteristics #DVPitchBookouture is aimed at, don’t use the hashtag. But do remember we are always open to submissions from anyone, at any time, via our website: www.bookouture.com/submit-your-manuscript.

What if I don’t get a DM?

If you don’t get a DM, that means we don’t quite feel your pitch is right for us at the moment. Remember, you can submit another book to us any time at www.bookouture.com/submit-your-manuscript.

What is commercial fiction?

We’re looking for stories that fit into a specific genre – see below for a list! – and that aim to entertain readers first and foremost. Commercial fiction is accessible and ideally appeals to a big audience. Plot and character are at the heart of commercial fiction, in contrast to literary fiction, which might place more of a focus on form and style.

What are the optional hashtags I can use to describe my book’s genre?

Please find a list of hashtags below. If you’re struggling to find an exact fit, feel free to use multiple hashtags – or not to use any at all.

#PP – Police Procedural

#CT – Crime Thriller

#PT – Psychological Thriller

#DT – Domestic Thriller

#WF – Women’s Fiction

#HF – Historical Fiction

#R – Romance

#CL – Chick Lit

#SF – Science Fiction

#FF – Fantasy Fiction

We’re SO looking forward to your pitches. Good luck!

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