How To Mend a Broken Heart

Anna Mansell

A compelling, heartbreaking tale that will make you laugh, cry and believe in the kindness of strangers. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Lucy Dillon and Miranda Dickinson.

When Rhys is called to the hospital to meet Susan, a woman he barely knows, he is compelled to help her. Still grieving the loss of his brother months earlier, Rhys knows all too well the feeling of loneliness.

There are years between them, but Rhys is the only person Susan will respond to, and when she asks him to bring her her most treasured possession, a book of fairytales, he is intrigued.

Hidden in the book is a clue to Susan’s past, and the painful regrets she carries with her. And as Rhys starts to unearth Susan’s secrets, he finds that his own grief begins to heal too…

Together, Susan and Rhys must learn to live again. Can they help each other to find happiness and finally mend their broken hearts?

How to Mend a Broken Heart is a heart-wrenching and absorbing story about second chances, forgiveness, and making every second count.

What people are saying about How to Mend a Broken Heart:

Wow! This book is just so beautiful in every way…I was crying, laughing and rooting for the characters … am in awe of this author.’ Renita D’Silva

Breathtaking…Fast paced and full of wonderful characters.’ Lily the Reader

Wow – it is, quite simply, stunning…I am in awe of the way this compelling story comes together…an uplifting read.’ After the Rain

One of the finest debut novels I have ever read. It’s captivating, compelling, mesmerizing, sad and so beautifully written.’ 5* TishyLou

Wow what a wonderful story.Librarian

A spellbinding story.’ 5* Beereader

‘Amazing characters…thought provoking and powerful.’ 4* The Reading Shed

A storyline which needs to be savoured word by word, line by line and page by page…I couldn’t tear myself away…A spellbinding novel.’ 5* The Writing Garnet

‘Heartfelt and realistic…amazingly written and very intriguing. I think this is a must read for anyone who ever had their heart broken.’ 4* I’ll Be Fine Alone Reads

‘Deeply emotional and thought-provoking. Mysterious, intriguing and highly engaging to read.’ Urban Book Reviews

‘Truly lovely…a brave and compelling debut novel…A beautiful story about how much we can all impact on each other’s lives.’ 4* Laura Bambrey Books

Hopeful and uplifting…This story definitely touched my heart.’ Little Miss No Sleep

I was laughing and crying.Goodreads Reviewer

‘This book was an emotional roller coaster…this book is for you.’ Nelms Tree Books

A wonderful, deep story.’ 4* Stef Loz Book Reviews

I loved this book!…It left me turning pages till the early hours.’ 4* Consumer review

‘This truly is a beautiful book…Heartbreaking at points but full of hope…I loved it.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘Full of character, depth and emotional writing. This book is fantastic.’ 5* Jill Loves to Read

‘I would compare this book to the likes of Dani Atkins and Jojo Moyes.’ Goodreads Reviewer

I loved the book! Such a sensitive topic but handled really beautifully.’ Consumer review

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