A Twist in the Tail

Leighann Dobbs

‘Talk about inconvenient. Not only did I have a dilapidated mansion and no money to repair it, two uppity cats and some cranky guests waiting for breakfast, there was also a dead body in the stairwell.’

Josie Waters is the enthusiastic new owner of the Oyster Cove Guesthouse – a ramshackle Victorian mansion high on a hill above the breezy seaside town of Oyster Cove, Maine. Josie has a history in Oyster Cove, but she’s not going to let anyone – from her crazy friend Millie to her old flame Mike – stand in the way of making this venture a success.

But then Josie’s first guest – a stuffy food critic – is murdered before breakfast, and the town sheriff suspects Josie could be to blame. Thank goodness Nero and Marlowe – the guesthouse’s resident cats – are also on the case. Little does Josie know, this isn’t their first investigation… but can they find the clues to the real killer before another guest is targeted?

Following her cats’ noses, it isn’t long before Josie discovers that the critic ruffled more than a few feathers in his day. In fact, from the rule-obsessed local Building Inspector to the guesthouse’s pernickety maid, there’s not a person in Oyster Cove who doesn’t have a secret to hide… could one of the locals be a cold-blooded killer in disguise? And with her beloved guesthouse’s very future on the line, can Josie solve the case in time?

A joy to read, with a twist you’ll never guess! A page-turning new mystery series from a bestselling author, purrfect for murder mystery fans, cat lovers and everyone in between.

Readers are loving A Twist in the Tail!

***** ‘This was soooooo good! …No doubt about it: this was one of THE best cozies out there. Such fun, full of (cat) humor. I can honestly say I was totally stunned at whodunit… I loved everything about this book, but I especially loved the cats. Nero and Marlowe have captured my heart!’ Goodreads reviewer

***** ‘This book is fantastic… The characters that the author has created are realistic, fun and relatable… This is a page turner that I could not put down. If you love a well written mystery with a small town and cats, this one is for you! I cannot wait for the next book to come out.’ Goodreads reviewer

***** ‘I loved the cats in this book. It was a fun new perspective in solving the mystery. With all the fun twists this mystery has, it was a very satisfying read. Mrs. Dobbs new series is sure to please fans of cozy mysteries, I would highly recommend this book!’ Goodreads reviewer

***** ‘I really liked this book. I kept thinking I knew who had done it but the characters reasonings for who had done it kept making sense too so it really was a bit of a surprise at the end. If you like mysteries, detective work, and cats this book is for you!’ Goodreads reviewer

***** ‘This is another fun addition to the repertoire to Leighann Dobbs vast collection of stories’ Goodreads reviewer

***** ‘This was an absolute joy to read! It’s the perfect blend of mystery and fun with crime solving cats thrown into the mix… humour that will have you laughing your socks off! …I for one cannot wait for the next one! A Twist in the Tail is a must for animal lovers and cosy mystery fans!’ Goodreads reviewer

***** ‘Just brilliant! Funny and wonderful, a fast paced, delightful read. I really enjoyed this book. Five well deserved stars. Highly recommended to everyone.’ Renita D’Silva

***** ‘Ms Dobbs wields a magic touch when it comes to storytelling. A Twist in the Tail is an enchanting read for cozy fans who enjoy feline fun.’ Goodreads reviewer

**** ‘As cozy mysteries go, this is a wonderful tail (!) …very cleverly done, can’t wait for the next book in this series.’ Goodreads reviewer

**** ‘This book is a lot of funI had a smile on my face the whole time.’ Goodreads reviewer

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