The Songbird Girls

Richard Parker

‘Wow!! if I bit my fingernails I would have NONE!… This ending is what I call “book hangover” ending and only a few books have ever done this to me… OMG!’ Zooloo’s Book Diary, 5 stars

Detective Tom Fabian’s past is catching up with him. It has been years since the most high-profile case of his career – when his evidence put infamous serial killer Christopher Wisher behind bars forever. But when Wisher summons a reluctant Fabian to his prison cell to hand over a diary, he realises that Wisher’s twisted games are far from over.

Shortly after Fabian’s visit, Wisher is found dead in his cell. And a few days later, the police find a woman’s body bearing Wisher’s signature, a dead songbird. But the police never released this detail to the public… so who has Wisher been talking to?

Fabian is desperate to find the killer before another innocent life is taken. But as more bodies turn up, Fabian begins to realise that Wisher may have handed him the clues before he died. Is the twisted serial killer still pulling the strings from beyond the grave…?

If you can’t get enough of crime thrillers by Adam Croft or Melinda Leigh, you will love The Songbird Girls.

What readers are saying about The Songbird Girls:

Oh yes!!!!! I really loved this book, getting into the mind of a serial killer is always totally fascinating and this book really hit the mark and made for a completely addictive page turner that was so hard to put downExciting, compelling, wonderfully addictive and a twisted thrilling ending what more can you want from a book, I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a brilliant thriller.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

A brilliant book… When I reviewed Never Say Goodbye, I said the last hundred words made the hairs on my arm stand up. Well he’s done it again and ended on another cliff hanger that has me impatiently waiting for the next instalment.Nigel Adams Book Worm, 5 stars

Barely put it down fast-paced read that kept me on my toes and left me wanting more by the time I reached the end of the story… these two Tom Fabian novels have been some of the most exciting and engrossing crime thrillers that I have read… once again with an ending that has left me desperate to read the next book. I highly recommend this series.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘I thoroughly enjoyed The Songbird Girls which is a twisty tale of influence from beyond the grave… a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘The plot is well crafted and the characters well written… This is an easy to read book that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good whodunnit.’ Goodreads Reviewer

What an ending! The story is fast paced and will appeal to thriller fans. The characters are interesting. I look forward to the next book.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Fast-paced and very easy to read. You can read the whole book within one weekend.’ ReaderWitch

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