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Daughter of Light and Shadows

Anna McKerrow

The stranger stood in the doorway, smiling as if he knew her. His blue-green eyes were transfixing: strange, luminous – like the sea on a cloudy day. Faye felt a sense of shifting, like standing on wet sand as the tide washed in, burying her deeper and deeper…

Faye Morgan – beautiful, independent and lonely – runs her family’s small shop of magical curiosities like her mother and grandmother before her. She longs for an escape, unaware of the dark power that flows through her veins…

When Faye casts a spell into the sea one cold morning, her call brings her to the attention of the wild and impulsive faerie king Finn Beatha. Finn pulls Faye into an intoxicating new world, both magical and treacherous… and as bewitching as Finn himself, who seems to command every part of her when he’s near.

As Faye’s passion for Finn grows, so does her fear that she might be there for some darker reason… and that she could be trapped in Faerie forever. Is there something in Faye’s past connecting her to this place, to Finn? And dare she find out more when every moment draws her further away from her old world?

A gorgeously sexy and action-packed read, perfect for fans of K.F. Breene’s Natural Witch, Shannon Mayer and Laini Taylor. You’ll never want to put this book down!

What readers are saying about Daughter of Light and Shadows

A sexy and intoxicating novel… The battle between light and dark played out in very magical way for Faye that kept me on the edge of my seatcast its own spell upon me, leaving me wanting more and more.’ The Luminessence, 5 stars

I was hookedthere is so much in this story and before you know it, you too will be sucked into the world of Faerie and all the vivid descriptions and magical elements, that you won’t want the story to end either.’ Goodreads reviewer

A fantasy romance based on Celtic lore. This book is a captivating, well-written dark fairy tale that I devoured in one sitting.’ Goodreads reviewer

A warm story of magic and witchcraft… The plot twists and turns and takes a few detours to get to the ending…. A very enjoyable read!!!Tonya’s Book Reviews

Sexy fairies, witchcraft, elemental magic, folklore, witchy grannies… the driving energy of the tale comes from the main character’s journey… a story about a woman stepping into her own power.’ Goodreads reviewer

The perfect book to read on a rainy day – a dreamy escape from the mundane world into one darker, sexier, and a lot more dangerous… Laced with magic and sensuality… I can’t wait for the second instalment.’ Melinda Salisbury

I loved the melding of fae, witch, and magic lore and life. A well-told tale.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

A magical, romantic novel about three friends who work a spell from the family grimoire to find their true loves… Really enjoyed this.’ Lauren James, 5 stars

‘I liked how the author touched the topic of understanding ourselves and accepting ourselves the way we are. With our past, fears, sadness and also passion… sweet fantasy romance, with some action.’ Notes of a Book Dragon

‘I am a huge fan of fairy tales and this was one that definitely has a unique twist… a lot of great characters.’ Sean’s Book Reviews

I love the lore and the fae world which the author creates… filled with magic.’ Old Socks and Lollipops