Ten Seconds

Robert Gold

The headlights blind me as the cab pulls away, but I catch a glimpse of my friend’s carefully made-up face before the car disappears into the darkness. If I knew that was the last time I’d see her, I might have recognised the fear in her beautiful green eyes.

Madeleine is a whip-smart journalist and one of my dearest friends. So when she doesn’t come back into work after a particularly tense birthday dinner, I begin to panic. Then I get a message that chills me to the bone: It’s time to settle the score. Call the police and she’s dead.

Madeleine’s beaten face stares back at me from the photo, and my heart hammers at the spark of recognition in her eyes. She knows her attacker. Madeleine was always the first to get any story, and the last to worry about her own safety. She made a lot of enemies in her career, but who would want to kill her?

Digging into her past, I discover details of a chilling murder case from twenty years ago. Madeleine launched it into national headlines and helped put a man away for murder. As I press her friends and contacts for more, a detail lets slip that explains everything: someone else was there the night the murder took place. Someone Madeleine may pay with her life to protect.

As I close in on answers, her kidnapper changes the game. He gives me a demand for two million in cash, or I will never see Madeleine again. Time is running out. I need to unpick the lies of the past to find out the truth before another precious life is taken…

A pulse-racing new crime novel with jaw-dropping twists that will have you constantly wondering ‘what happens next?’ Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Kendra Elliot.

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