Eleven Liars

Robert Gold

‘I’m trying to help you!’ I yell, coughing as black smoke fills my lungs. As the flames grow, I beat down the door and reach out my hand. But the survivor pushes past me, disappearing into the night…

When a fire burns the local community centre to the ground, our small town is abuzz with questions. I am the only witness, but when the man I saved flees the scene the journalist in me knows this blaze was no accident. Then the police find something that makes my blood run cold: a skeleton amongst the ashes.

Teaming up with my close friend, police officer Dani Cash, we examine the remains and uncover a brutal twenty-year-old murder, and make an earth-shattering discovery. The ash-covered bones belong to Dani’s mother.

It’s impossible. Dani’s mother died in a house fire years ago. They buried her body and laid their memories to rest. As I hold tightly to my dearest friend, my mind races with questions. Who killed Dani’s mother all those years ago? And, if her remains are here, who is buried in her grave?

Someone is going to unimaginable lengths to hide their crimes. As Dani and I question everyone in our close-knit community, the police turn their attention to Dani’s father, revealing a conspiracy that will shake our small town to the core. Was Dani’s father on the verge of uncovering the truth? Was someone setting him up to silence him?

I need to uncover the secrets buried beneath the ashes before my dearest friend loses what’s left of her family. But what will it cost us to expose twenty years of lies? And will it be too late to save the next innocent life?

A heart-stopping, unputdownable new crime novel that will have you up all night turning pages until the final, jaw-dropping twist. Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Kendra Elliot.

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