Twelve Secrets

Robert Gold

I should hate you. I should want you dead for what you did to my sweet, blue-eyed boy. But you’re the only person who can give me the answers I need. What really happened the night you killed him?

It’s twenty years since my teenage brother was murdered and my mother took her own life with a broken heart. I buried myself in writing to numb the pain, but when the police knock at my door and tell me my brother’s killer has just been found murdered, my heart stops dead: the killer had letters from my mother written just days before she died.

My mother believed someone else was there that night. As the police search my home, my head races with a million questions. Did my mother really kill herself, or did someone get to her before she could find out the truth?

Under the guise of writing an article, I press old friends and neighbours for answers. But why do they dodge my questions? What are they so afraid of? Is there anybody in this small town I can trust?

I pore over my mother’s letters late into the night until I discover a family secret that turns my blood to ice. Everything I thought I knew about the night my brother was murdered is a lie.

As I get closer to the truth, another body drops. Someone in this close-knit town will stop at nothing to keep their secrets. Can I find them before another innocent life is taken?

A twisty, pulse-racing new crime thriller that will keep you turning pages late into the night. Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Kendra Elliot.

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