The Family on Smith Street

Elisabeth Carpenter

There’s a killer on our street, and I’m his next victim.

I love living on Smith Street, with its neat houses and friendly neighbours. It’s a safe place for my daughter Scarlett to play outside. Somewhere, my husband James says with his slow smile, nothing bad could ever happen. But he’s wrong. There’s been a killer hiding here for years, and – when I turn the corner by my home one night to find a hand over my mouth and a needle in my side – it seems I’m his next victim.

I wake in a dark, windowless room, head pounding, trying to work out where I am. It looks weirdly familiar, until I realise with horror that it’s just like my room. Someone has been spying on me so successfully, they’ve recreated everything in terrifying detail.

I must know the person who has taken me. But who on our calm little street could have concealed their twisted nature all this time? As I desperately filter through memories for clues, trying to find anything that might help me survive, my stomach drops as I realise that if they’ve figured out who I am, then I will never, ever see my family again.

Because even if I do get out alive, the nightmare will have only just begun…

A completely compelling and page-turning psychological thriller perfect for fans of My Lovely Wife, The Serial Killer’s Wife and The Housemaid.

Readers love Elisabeth Carpenter:

‘I LOVED 99 Red Balloons. What a rollercoaster of a read! I swear, you could almost SEE the moment when everything clicked into place in my head! A brilliant, tense, pacy read.’ Lisa Hall, bestselling author of Between Me And You

Superbpacey, suspenseful… and compelling thriller that manages to pack a punch – and still throws you right at the end. It’s perfect – I loved every word.’ Sam Carrington, bestselling author of Saving Sophie

‘A real rollercoaster of a read… I couldn’t put this book down.’ Charlotte Duckworth, author of The Rival

Tense, shocking and terrifyingly believable… A fantastic read.’ Rebecca Tinnelly, author of Never Go There

Totally gripping from start to finish.’ Amanda Robson