The Perfect Girlfriend

Hayley Smith

I smile at my boyfriend as I set the table ready for the delicious dinner that’s bubbling on the stove. I know I’m everything to him. I’ve made absolutely sure I’m his perfect match, in every way…

Jay and I have only known each other a short while, but whenever I gaze into his gorgeous brown eyes I know he’s the one. His little house by the deep forest’s edge is perfect for the two of us – no internet, no phone signal, and no neighbours. I’m about as far from my past as I could be. N

Warm in Jay’s arms, I can persuade myself it’s ok that he disappears for hours when he thinks I’m asleep at night, returning the next morning, glittery eyed and tense. And I don’t mind that he likes to be in charge of our money, our time, of me. He’s just looking after me, keeping me safe from the outside world, because he loves me.

I won’t question him, I can’t challenge him. I need our relationship to work. Because I have secrets too. Jay thinks he knows me, but he doesn’t have a clue.

All I have to do is play my part, and pray he never discovers just how far from perfect I really am…

A completely addictive psychological thriller packed with incredible twists you won’t see coming. Perfect for fans of The Housemaid, The Split, and The Serial Killer’s Wife.