My Husband’s House

Sheryl Browne

Wow!!!… I was completely addicted from the beginning… My heart was in my throatAbsolutely explosive ending!!!… It had me on tenterhooks on the edge of my seat and biting my nails… Absolutely addictive, unputdownable and most definitely EXPLOSIVE!!!Bookworm86, 5 stars

A new home. A loving wife. A secret that could kill…

With its peeling wallpaper and overgrown garden I know our new home isn’t perfect. But my husband Ben promises it’s the fresh start we need. I remind myself that he’s an amazing father to our two children, and that we have years of happy marriage behind us. He’s been distant for months but I’m desperate to believe the move will bring us back together.

When I meet our next-door neighbour Sara, I’m immediately relieved. She’s so welcoming and full of local gossip. But the moment she meets Ben I’m sure an angry frown flickers across her smiling face. Later he says I’m imagining things…

Why is my husband lying?

Then one night as I tuck our children into bed, the silence is broken by a knock on the front door. A stranger is standing on our doorstep. I turn to look at Ben’s face as he stares at her with unconcealed fury. Has he met this woman before? Nothing could prepare me for what she says: I know who you are. Get out of my house.

How well do I know the man I married? And by moving to this house, did I put my children’s lives in danger?

If you enjoyed reading The Housemaid, The Perfect Marriage and The Wife, you will love My Husband’s House. Gripping and totally addictive, you’ll be hooked from the first page.

What readers are saying about My Husband’s House:

‘My heart is still racing! … What an absolute corker this book was… I can’t begin to put into words how amazing this was. Everything about it was perfect. Completely addictiveThose twists were magnificent and just kept on coming! No wonder my heart was racing so fast!! … It has left me with a massive book hangover.’ Once Upon a Time Book Reviews, 5 stars

Oh boy, oh boy, this is one mind-blowing story that keeps you on your toes chapter after chapter… One heck of a story… Big five stars.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Oooh, yes please!!!! Everything about this book a big, huge yes!!! … Pulling punches to the very end!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Your heart will be racing within a few paragraphs of the prologue. You’ll suddenly realise you are gripped, unable to put it downMy heart was pounding… A twist from leftfield leaves me gobsmacked.’ @theliterateleprechaun, 5 stars

Wow! Just wow! When I sat down to read yesterday, I didn’t plan on reading the entire book… Hooked me from the beginning and kept me enchanted from the first page to the last, and didn’t let me go until I finished.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

WHAT A BOOK!… From the first chapter, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. It’s that good!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Fantastic… I could not put it down until I turned the last page… Amazing.’ @rubie_reads, 5 stars

‘A brilliant read full of twists, lies and dark secrets that dragged me straight awayLeaves your heart racing. Read with the lights on!’ Karen King, 5 stars

Fantastic book!!!! My heart always gets excited when I see a new novel from this author and she DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! Awesome… WOW!!!!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘A very addictive read… So gripping.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

I was hooked on the first page… Chilling, haunting and twisted!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

JAW DROPPING!’ Goodreads reviewer

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