Mystery in the Highlands

Lydia Travers

When members of a choir start dropping dead in the Highlands, Maud McIntyre and her lady’s maid Daisy must find the reason for the lack of harmony before another murder takes place…

Edinburgh, 1911: When Maud and Daisy receive a letter from Daisy’s cousin, Clara, sharing her fears that two sudden deaths in her local choir weren’t accidental, Maud and Daisy travel to the Highlands to investigate.

When they arrive, Maud and Daisy go undercover in the choir to find potential suspects. But with one murder deemed a heart attack, and the other declared an unfortunate drowning, Maud and Daisy have their work cut out when it comes to persuading the police that two murders have taken place. No matter what they say, the police will not change their minds – as far as they are concerned, the choir is perfectly in tune.

When Maud receives an anonymous letter, enclosing a rhyme which holds the key to the next murder, she and Daisy have proof there is a killer at large. But just before they solve it, a rogue bullet claims another member of the choir in a supposed shooting party accident.

And so when another rhyme arrives in the post, the detective duo know they don’t have much time to crack the clues. This time, they won’t miss a beat. With the clock ticking down to another murder, will Maud and Daisy solve the mysterious rhyming verse before another singer in the choir is silenced forever?

A gripping and unputdownable historical whodunnit, perfect for fans of the mysteries of Helena Dixon, Verity Bright, T.E. Kinsey and Catherine Coles.

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