The Scottish Ladies’ Detective Agency

Lydia Travers

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Move over Holmes and Watson, there’s a new detective duo in town!

Edinburgh, 1911: When headstrong Maud McIntyre decides to pour her inheritance into starting her very own detective agency, she asks her lady’s maid, Daisy, to form The Scottish Ladies’ Detective Agency. After all, she knows they have a better brain for these things than most men!

Maud and Daisy never dreamed that their first case would take place at a glamorous house in the Scottish Highlands. But when the Duchess of Duddingston, concerned that a notorious jewellery thief will target her next lavish weekend party, employs Maud to go undercover as a guest to find the culprit, the agency has its first case to solve…

To disguise herself as one of the Duchess’ influential friends, with Daisy by her side as her maid, Maud puts on her best dresses and jewels. Rubbing shoulders with countesses and colonels without arousing suspicion isn’t easy, but she hopes one of them will reveal themselves as the jewellery thief. But when one of the house guests is discovered dead, smothered in their own bed, Maud and Daisy realise they’re not only hunting precious gems, but a murderer as well…

Time is of the essence and quickly they uncover a connection in Edinburgh which might hold a vital clue, sending them back to the city. But when Maud receives a telephone call from the Duchess requesting urgent assistance, she is aghast to realise that the murderer didn’t have just one victim in mind.

Speeding down the drive to Duddingston House, Maud and Daisy hear gunshots ring out. Will they reach the Duchess in time to save her? Or is this going to be their first, and last, case?

A warm page-turning historical whodunnit, perfect for fans of the mysteries of Helena Dixon, Verity Bright, T.E. Kinsey and Catherine Coles.

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