Promise You’ll Wait

Elaine Johns

Cornwall, England, 1942. Their special place is up here on the clifftop, where the gulls cry and the waves crash. Rosie’s heart swells as she gazes into Danny’s deep green eyes. ‘Let’s come back, every year. No matter what.’ But will the war force them to break their promise?

An absolutely heartwrenching, powerful and emotional novel about the hardships of war, and the strength of love. Perfect for fans of Diney Costeloe, Wives of War and Lisa Wingate.

Rosie knows that air force pilot Danny is the love of her life. It doesn’t matter if his family think she isn’t good enough for him, with her factory job and East End accent. And when Danny proposes on holiday in Cornwall, high on the cliffs above the wild blue sea, Rosie can’t wait for him to come home after his next mission so they can be a proper family. They promise to return to Cornwall every summer to celebrate their love.

But in wartime, tragedy is just around the corner. The Missing in Action telegram about Danny shatters Rosie’s heart into a million pieces. Even as the bombs of the Blitz rain down, and orphaned children huddle for shelter, Rosie vows to never forget Danny or the promise she made.

Rosie’s family can’t understand why she insists on visiting Cornwall and sitting by the sea where Danny proposed. Everyone has lost someone in this terrible war. But when Rosie learns a terrible secret, it turns her world upside down all over again. How well did she really know the man she loved? And as she comes to terms with the shocking truth, when she meets someone new should Rosie risk opening her heart again – or, in this perilous time, will her loyalty to Danny tear her apart?

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