The Detectives Kane and Alton Series: Books 7–9

D.K. Hood

Books 7-9 in the addictive crime series from USA Today bestselling author D.K. Hood. Detective Jenna Alton and her deputy David Kane are on the hunt for some of America’s most dangerous serial killers in the small town of Black Rock Falls.

Break the Silence:

Her head throbs as she stumbles away from the party, but as the music dies down, she senses someone following her every move. As she closes the door to her room, she knows she’s not alone

When Sheriff Jenna Alton is called to a frat party at the local college, she discovers the body of straight-A student Chrissie Lowe in the shower block. Facing a wall of silence from everyone at the party that evening, Jenna is sure something sinister is going on. And when another student is found dead, she knows she must act fast to find the killer on campus before another young life is taken.

Her Broken Wings:

The sound that wakes her from sleep is unmistakable—someone is in her house. She listens as heavy footsteps start up the stairs, and as the bedroom door is flung open, she doesn’t even have time to scream

It’s Halloween in Black Rock Falls and things are about to get spooky as a body is found lying in a pool of blood in a quiet suburban street. As Jenna’s investigation takes her to a remote ranch where a series of historical murders once took place, she makes her most shocking discovery yet. When Jenna comes face to face with the twisted murderer, does she have the strength to finally trap the killer who has been stalking the small town for so long?

Her Shallow Grave:

She runs her trembling fingers over the dark, damp walls surrounding her. Above her head, she hears movement. She knows she has nowhere to hide and as the door to the cellar is flung open, she finally sees his face

It’s winter and tourists have flocked to Black Rock Falls to take in the snow-capped mountains, but soon the body of a young woman is found frozen, hanging from a tree. Jenna and her team find more ice-cold bodies in the remote forest surrounding the town and Jenna puts herself in unthinkable danger to catch the killer. Can she outsmart him and save herself or has she finally met her match?

Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Abbott, this is a crime series not to be missed. With heart-pounding moments and twists you won’t see coming, you’ll be up all night when you start a D.K. Hood book.

What readers are saying about D.K. Hood:

WOW!!! I read this book in one sitting… grippingI was swept away… I simply can’t wait for the next book.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!… From literally the first page you’re hooked and gripped!! Kept on the edge of my seat throughout I just couldn’t put it down… my new all-time favourite author!!… I just wish I could’ve given it more than five stars!!!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Wow this book was amazing… totally thrilling and had me hanging on to every word… Leaves you wanting more Well worth 5 stars, in fact I wish I could give it more.’ Bonnie’s Book Talk, 5 stars

I absolutely love D.K. Hood… an amazing author!!… a book that I absolutely devoured! From cover to cover you’re gripped. I can’t wait for the next one!!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

OMG The whole time I sat on the edge of my more than once crying ‘oh, nooooo!’… really fast paced with an all-consuming air of danger and suspense.’ B for Book Review, 5 stars

A huge five-star rating for a fantastic book… kept me gripped throughout and I loved it.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Five massive stars, a phenomenal read which will certainly have me coming back for more.’ Sweet Little Book Blog, 5 stars

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