The Orphan of India

Sharon Maas

An utterly evocative and heart-wrenching novel about the importance of family, love and being true to yourself. Perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies, Santa Montefiore and Diane Chamberlain.

Living on the streets of Bombay, Jyothi has no-one to turn to after her mother is involved in a tragic accident. But after a chance meeting with Monika and Jack Kingsley, Jyothi’s life changes forever when the young couple decide to adopt her.

The new family return to England, but Jyothi finds it difficult to adapt. As Monika and Jack’s relationship fractures, Jyothi is more alone than ever and music becomes her solace. But even when her extraordinary musical talent transforms into a promising career, Jyothi still doesn’t feel like she belongs. 

Then a turbulent love affair causes her to question everything. And Jyothi realises that before she can embrace her future, she must confront the pain of her past…

What readers are saying about Sharon Maas:

‘Sharon Maas has become my ‘go-to’ author … The Orphan of India is another wonderful book by Maas that has all the trademark thought and care that resonates throughout her work. A heart-rending, epic tale of loss and identity that gets into your heart.’ Bloomin’ Brilliant Books

‘I’ve often said that for a good book to become a book I love, it needs to capture my heart – and that’s exactly what happened with this thoroughly gorgeous book. But not only my heart – all my other senses too. The writing is just beautiful … if, like me, you like your reading to be an escape – a few blissful hours when you can forget everything else and immerse yourself in a totally different world – don’t miss this one, whatever you do.’ Being Anne

‘I knew I would enjoy this as I have loved all Sharon Maas’s previous books. Beautifully written with characters that come to life. Vivid descriptions of India … Recommended reading.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘I simply adored this book, it was beautifully written and I loved it from the start and felt even a little bereft when it had ended. The story flows and I loved the loss and hope, promise and future aspects that were running throughout. It really did draw me in and I cannot recommend this book highly enough.’ Donna’s Book Blog

‘Now why on earth haven’t I read anything by Sharon Maas before? I loved this one – beautifully written, touched my heart… highly recommend.’ Goodreads Reviewer

I automatically reach for each Sharon Maas book that I see as I just love the way that you lose yourself completely in the story and finish feeling that you have been along on the journey with the characters.’ Bookworms and Shutterbugs

‘A very deep and meaningful story as Sharon Maas writes with her heart on her sleeve. Loved this book.’Books from Dusk til Dawn

‘A page-turning story, full of humanity, crossing cultures and continents.’ Katie Fforde

‘I have read and loved all of Sharon Maas’s books but this one! Wow! I think this is her most emotional and beautiful book yet! Such a powerful story, so brilliantly narrated, in such a way that you feel part of it all and are left bereft when it is finished. Five Stars! ‘ Renita D’Silva

‘Heart-breaking, poignant and intriguing … This truly is a powerful story that will fascinate and engross you from the very beginning until the very end.’ What’s Better than Books

‘The writing is stunningly evocative and sensual … I just felt immersed in the story and setting from the start.’ The Book Trail

‘Rich in detail and emotion and has the most beautiful and real description of loss I have ever read.’ Shaz’s Book Blog

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