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The Lucy Dawson Collection: The Daughter, Don’t Ever Tell, The Memory

Lucy Dawson

Looking for a completely unputdownable read that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last page? Check out these three uniquely gripping psychological thrillers from Amazon bestselling author Lucy Dawson.

THE DAUGHTER: You lost your daughter. You will never forgive yourself. Now someone’s determined to make you pay… Seventeen years ago, something happened to Jess’s daughter Beth. Now, to distance herself from the mistakes of the past, Jess has moved away and started over with her family. But when terrifying things begin happening in her new home, Jess knows that her past has finally caught up with her. Somebody feels Jess hasn’t paid for what happened to her daughter, and is determined to make her suffer for the secrets she’s kept all these years.

DON’T EVER TELL: This is a story about Charlotte, who has two sweet children and a drama-free marriage to a caring and successful man. Life is nearly perfect… but behind closed doors, it’s a different story. Every day, after she kisses her husband goodbye, Charlotte works a little more on her plan to destroy his life. But there’s something big that Charlotte is missing. And by the time their story is finished, you’ll be questioning if you can ever really trust those closest to you.

THE MEMORY: People always notice my daughter, Isobel. How could they not? Incredibly beautiful… until she speaks. An unsettling, little-girl voice, exactly like a child’s, but from the mouth of a full-grown woman. Izzie might look grown-up, but inside she’s trapped. Caught in the day it happened – the day that broke her from within. I know why my daughter is the way she is. There’s nothing I could have done to save her… is there?

These three totally addictive reads are perfect for anybody who raced through Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train or The Wife Between Us.

What readers are saying about Lucy Dawson:

‘WOW WOW WOW… what a book… be prepared to be give up your day, YOU WILL NOT WANT TO PUT IT DOWN!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Gripped me and didn’t let go until the wickedly twisted ending. Jenny Blackhurst

If you only read one book this year make sure that it’s this one.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Omg this book was soooo good. I couldn’t put it down… It was such a shocking twist at the end.’ 5 stars, Goodreads reviewer

Oh MY, OHH MYY! WOOW, this was soo INTENSE!!… Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout… Let’s just say, this book is the reason I love this genre!’ Goodreads reviewer

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