Bookouture re-signs contracts with authors Alexander, Curzon and Kerr

Author image Rose Alexander

Author image Kennedy Kerr

Bookouture is thrilled to announce a two book deal with Rose Alexander. Commissioning Editor Kelsie Marsden agreed the deal for World English Language and audio rights with Rose’s agent, Megan Carroll at Watson, Little Ltd.

Kelsie said,

‘Rose is such a beautiful writer with a real talent for stunning settings, sweeping love stories and impossible choices. I’m so thrilled we’ll be working together on two more books. Readers cannot get enough of her heart-breaking tales and gorgeous characters. Next Rose will be taking us to the sun-kissed island of Santorini for another epic dual timeline World War Two story, so clear an afternoon and prepare to be totally swept away! Rose works incredibly hard researching her stories, and her books are always compelling and fascinating in equal measure.’

Rose said,

‘I’m beyond delighted to have signed another two-book contract with Bookouture. It has been fabulous working with such a fantastic team, not just my editor, Kelsie, whose input has enabled me to develop my writing so greatly, but also all the talented people working on marketing, cover design, copyediting, proofreading etcetera. So much goes into getting a book out onto the shelves and I’m hugely appreciative of the entire combined effort. I feel so lucky to be part of the Bookouture family and hope that together we can go from strength to strength.’

We are also thrilled to announce that Commissioning Editor Rhianna Louise has acquired World All Languages, audiobook, film and TV rights for five gripping, heartstring-tugging and uplifting World War Two saga novels by Ellie Curzon.

The exciting new series, which will launch in 2025, is inspired by the true story of the Dead End Kids’. These were escaped evacuees who returned to London during the war only to find their homes destroyed and their families gone. The homeless orphans formed their own ‘family’, caring for each other while they heroically risked their lives to rescue people from fires and collapsing buildings as the bombs rained down. Each novel will follow the heartwrenching journey of one of the orphans as they find a mother-figure in Lisette, a singer from a Soho nightclub who takes the children under her wing. Throughout the series Lisette tries desperately to keep the orphans safe, while healing from her own wartime trauma, and perhaps gaining a second chance at love with enigmatic hero Wyngate.

Rhianna said,

‘Working with Catherine and Helen (Ellie Curzon) is such a delight. They are brimming with fantastic ideas, and are so skilled at writing unputdownable, heartbreaking and uplifting tales that sweep me away and move me to tears. I could not be more thrilled to have acquired this brilliant new series! When they shared the concept with me, I knew it was going to be something very special indeed. The story of the Dead End Kids is bursting to be told, and there’s nobody better for it than Ellie Curzon. Readers can expect unforgettable characters, stories that will stay with them forever, gasp-out-loud scenes, and tight, addictive prose with perfectly placed historical details. I simply can’t wait for the first manuscript to land in my inbox!’

Catherine said,

‘We’re so excited to introduce everyone to the Dead End Kids in this heart wrenching, thrilling saga series. The true story these novels are based on is extraordinarily moving; children gave up the safety of the countryside and bravely risked the dangers of the Blitz to help protect the city they loved. We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Rhianna and Bookouture again, to bring their stories to life. We can’t wait to take our readers deep into the heart of wartime London, where singer Lisette and the mysterious Mr Wyngate form an unlikely friendship as their very different worlds collide with that of the Dead End kids.’

We’re also over the moon to announce that commissioning editor Kelsie Marsden has agreed a World All Language, film/tv and audio deal directly from author Kennedy Kerr. Her readers adore her gorgeous Scottish settings and we’re excited to bring you three more of her much loved books.

Kelsie said,

‘It is a real pleasure to work with Kennedy on her stunning Scottish-set series! Kennedy’s books always deal with the most emotional issues in women’s lives with sensitivity, honesty, and love. These stories are so relatable for so many people and I am proud to publish books that readers can find so much strength and hope in. Kennedy writes the gorgeous, wild Highlands setting beautifully and readers adore her strong, complex heroines and always handsome love interests. I can’t wait to see where we take Kennedy’s publishing next! I know I’m always in for a treat when the first draft lands in my inbox.’

Kennedy said,

‘I’m so happy to be working with the fabulous Bookouture to bring readers another Loch Cameron book, and very excited to start a new series also set in Scotland, a place which is very dear to me. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write books about healing, new life and hope for my readers and I love working with Bookouture who have supported my career so much and are nothing but helpful, positive and inspiring.’

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